Synapse XTL

Synapse XTL is a US-based Data Analytics, Technology, Infrastructure & Mobility specialist providing end-to-end advisory-to-implementation services.

Our IT team develops web, mobile and cloud based software solutions to companies worldwide. In addition to standard stacks like MERN, MEAN, PHP, MySQL, Java, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS, we also work on emerging platforms like Smart TV, wearable devices, Hadoop, Pivotal and CloudFoundry.

Additionally, we’ve been building AI/ML products for 7+ years, and have excellent capabilities in large language models, computer vision and developing / deploying proprietary machine learning products.

While part of our team works with large enterprises, we also have a very entrepreneurial mindset and partner with startups to build their products and help them scale.

With exceptional background in both management and technology, we are able to deliver superior services that are truly valued by our clients.

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