iLEAD is working every minute to create something which could have an impact. We love to boast the dynamic culture of inclusion, collaboration, and high performance that we thrive in. We always look for people who are highly upbeat about taking challenges, evolving themselves as professionals, and reap the benefits collaboratively with the organization. What makes us different is that we mean what we just said!

We’re the first to remove the concept of team leaders and make every employee the leader of his job.
Project size, whether big or small, we make sure that you get rigorous on-the-job training to refine your skills to deliver nothing less than a world-class product.

We deploy some of world’s best practices in project management, financial analysis and development tools.

Happy people work their best, which is why teams at iLEAD become your families and friends away from home and always keep you cherished. Check out our pages on Events, Celebrations and Activities to see how we work hard, and play harder!