Skill-Sets | What We Look For

iLEAD is an extremely intense environment, and we look for highly-driven individuals to join us – those, who truly want are committed to make a different to their organization through their work.

We’ve shared a few of the key skill-sets and attributes that we look for while selecting candidates for our organization.

A. General Aptitude

Logical Reasoning – forms the basis of any and all work you perform in a professional organization.

Basic Arithmetic – one can’t escape from numbers, be it in any kind of job. Faster you are with them, quicker and stronger is your decision making.

Data Structuring – since data is nothing if not structured in a way which could provide relevance and context to the whole problem situation.

Language Skills – since we have to communicate day-in and day-out with our colleagues and clients.

B. Personal attributes we look for-

Passion and self-drive to learn new things and learn independently. You’re the leader for your own development with us, and we act like a catalyst.

Perseverance – Commitment to fight-it-out, no matter what. Don’t worry, we’ll order a pizza while you’re at it, like a warrior!

Excellent thinking and problem solving skills – We would always push you to bring the innovation out and save all of us from mundanities!

Good written and verbal communication skills – we encourage very clean and simple way of conveying things, since that’s what is effective.

Leadership skills – ability to take initiative and constantly improve things around.

C. Technical skills, depending on role

Technical Knowledge – Programming Skills Knowledge on Emerging Technologies

Knowledge about business and economy – If applying for Business Analyst position

Functional knowledge – About HR, Accounts if applying for specific functional roles