Swan Finance

Swan Finance Partners (SFP) is a mid-market finance & strategy advisory firm focused on Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Institutional Debt and Strategic Advisory services for public and private companies. Since 2001 SWAN has closed 50+ deals across industries and geographies.

Swan is also a registered NBFC that offers a complete suite of financial services including retail lending products like mortgages, investment products like insurance & mutual funds, audit & tax, project finance etc. Swan currently manages portfolio of about $30M for Family Offices, along with $100M AUM for 3000+ retail clients.

Swan is also the first in Central India to launch the largest platform for start-up mentoring and funding – Swan Angel Network. Swan Angel Network is already one of the most prominent organizations with Investors from all across India and abroad, and invested in 5 startups in 2016.

Please visit http://www.swanfinance.co.in for more details.