Campus Hiring | Prep Guide

iLEAD Group is an amazing place to work. During the last 5-7 years of our existence, we have clearly created a great environment where people love to work, to learn, to enjoy the company of their colleagues, and to live like a family.

As we kick-off our Campus Hiring program for 2021, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response of colleges and students. During the first week itself, we have received more than 800 registrations of students from across many colleges and courses.

Roughly 1 in 9 students have been able to clear the first assessment test, and the prelim interview round. For the Final Interviews scheduled to be held shortly, here is a quick Guide to prepare.

A. Know Us Better

There’s no point you showing up for the interview without even knowing about the organization. Take time to visit the Group website in detail, go through all the company websites (Synapse, Ecosystem Ventures etc.). It’s important for you to understand the nature of work and the type of people you’ll be working with.

B. Understand Our Value System

We are a highly values-driven company, in which there are a lot of things we pay attention to, which are otherwise ignored in companies. We place tremendous emphasis on having a positive attitude, willingness to learn, ability to take initiative, remaining solution-focused in challenging times and treating this organization like your own.

We are also super-sensitive to honesty and integrity and believe that good intentions are as important as good skills.

C. Understand Our Aspirations

We are a company that’s primarily based in Indore, but that’s Founded by people who have succeeded in the most challenging and competitive environments in the world. And hence, our standards are very high. We are fanatics about quality and detail, and follow rigorous process that differentiates us from thousands of similar companies in India. We aspire to be one of the best in the world, not just in our neighborhood. And if you’re looking to join us, you need to be of similar thought-process.

D. Understand the Basic Skill Sets we Want

We have already shared many of these at this page. Given below are a few additional pointers for specific functions/roles:

1. Technical Roles:

If you are applying for an IT role, make sure that you are truly passionate about technology. There are way too many people who want to become a software engineer without sufficient interest or aptitude. By the time you enter a recruiting process, you should be fairly familiar with the entire SDLC, understand front-end, back-end, databases, use of libraries, OOPS concepts, and know the latest trends in the technology world.

2. Operations Executive:

A natural flair for training and interacting with children, with strong verbal communication skills, oodles of energy and commitment to learn new skills and grow, passionate about bringing change by bringing world’s best learning programs into Indian classrooms.

3. Business Analyst (Management):

Business Analysts is often a misunderstood term. Make sure you truly understand role of a Business Analyst. In Ecosystem Ventures, the role of a Business Analyst is the same as that of a Management Consultant. Read more here.

Business Analyst role in an Investment Banking or Strategy Consulting is one of the most coveted roles in the industry and the best way to take a career into management positions. We look for those who are exceptional in their aptitude scores and are targeting pursuing MBA from IIMs. Make sure for interview you are well read about economy and business environment.

Also, spend some time reading through the Venture Capital Industry, types of funding, go through YourStory, IAN and LetsVenture webistes to understand how the start-up Ecosystem works in India.

4. Human Resources:

Many students believe that this is one of the easiest roles to join. However, HR is one of the most challenging because it’s incredibly difficult to deal with people issues, and constantly keep the whole organization motivated even amidst constantly changing business requirements. Recruiting is a super-critical function that drives the future growth of the organization.

Make sure that you come prepared with a solid understanding of various functions of HR.

5. Finance & Accounts:

If you have a passion for numbers and have a flair for managing accounts of an organization, you’re the right person for us. We look for working knowledge of accounting softwares like Tally, and a deep interest in managing money in a disciplined manner.

6. Business Development / Sales:

One of the most important functions of the company is Business Development. This is the team that goes and seeks new clients and projects. Since our entire IT business is focused on US clients, we look for people who are very good in communication, have an extrovert personality (that is, don’t hesitate in reaching out and building new relations), and are willing to work in flexible hours to be able to coordinate with clients in US.

7. Business Analyst (IT):

In recent business scenarios, the role of a business analyst is very crucial in nature. They guide the decisions and actions of the business that have an impact on the financial scenes of the organization. The primary goal of any business analyst is to plan the scope of the projects carried on by the firm. They must understand and implement the requirements of the project in hand. They must be good at analyzing the data and understanding where it can be used for the benefit of the firm. You should understand the basics of technology (Basics of Java, .net, PHP, Python, WordPress, C, C+, MEAN. MERN technology stacks, AI, ML etc.) it is very essential when it comes to understanding requirements and discussing the same with developers. This is because you need to understand the developer’s language and terminologies apart from the domain knowledge. In addition to this SDLC, project management methodology.